February 28, 2008

Love Without Adoption


george said...

Everything has to do with this corruption can de found in every level.But it is easier to scrutinise local governement,the closest to tha citizen form of governance.I am sure that if decentralisation and participatory democracy were enchanced many of the problems that we face in our daily lives such as the ones you mention,would have been tackled more effectively.But it is good to see that you participate by puting forward the problem that you face.The main thing is that we have to form a block of citizens which will fight to get involved and take their lives into their hands.I would like to add that it is of equal importance that we challenge the big problems humanity is facing today such as climate change,oppressive regimes,human trafficking etc.Problems that we have to eliminate if we are to hand over to the younger generation a better planet for them to live on

mariana faithful said...

I know what you are talking about George.
The thing is that local government is more corrupt and it is not easier to scrutinize because they stick together.
Don't forget, the Greeks are experts when it comes to illegal adoptions and they happened under local government.
Selling a child was a misdemeanor in Greece until a few weeks ago.
The English are becoming experts, Blair started the government grants to local councils and they just do illegal adoptions under a secret court system.
There is no hope unless they change the laws and heavy penalties.
But I know what will happen in Greece, a psychiatric piece of shit and they are out.
What are you going to fight and with what?