January 20, 2008

Madeleine And Ben - Worlds Apart


Joana Morais said...

Hi just wanted to say that your link in this youtube video "Madeleine And Ben - Worlds Apart" is not pointing here to the blog. Maybe you'll want to correct that. As well I wanted to say that you're work about the politicians and international adoption/child trafficking is amazing. I just saw your video EU Citizens, the child trafficking is happening right under our noses but unfortunately the majority of people are not aware. I wasn't aware. Thank you for the wake up call. Kind regards to you both.

*I'll put your link in my blog.

AdoptionPledgE2Unite said...

Thank you so much Joana. If you look at it carefully, it does point to the blog.
Unfortunately child trafficking is skyrocketing right here in the EU and the members of the EU Parliament do know about it and they turn a deaf ear.
Let us all mobilize to stop this practice.